Is your business ready for Black Friday?

Over the past say 2-3 years Black Friday has started to take off in the UK – Love it or hate it, you can either get on the train or miss the train… so we think it’s a good idea you jump on!

Have you got a product you want to push this Black Friday? Get a unique discount code set up that you can flaunt all around the web.


In October 2016 mobile users actually overtook web users with over 50% of the web being viewed on a mobile device. Is your website mobile ready – speak to us if not! This might sound obvious but view it for yourself, get your friends using it and get some good honest feedback.

E-mail Marketing

Send them early, give out unique codes to existing users – a lot of effort it put in to finding new users rather than looking after our loyal fans.

What can I do?

Hopefully this has given you a little boost to push Black Friday next month – but nothing like a bit of preparation hey?

You can always speak to us and give your website a little spruce up

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