Honest Hosting

Probably our most important company value is Honesty, we believe to run a successful business you have to be honest with your customers so of course we strive to be honest.

We are transparent with our pricing so you won’t find any hidden extras for anything, our pricing is also very Affordable, well at least we think it is – wherever we can pass on reductions direct to you as a customer we do, whether that be on Domain Names or SSL Certificates.


Web Security is massive, especially if you are taking card payments you need to show your customers that you are protected, we do our absolute best to keep ours and your websites as safe as we possibly can as there are a lot of clever hackers out there – in the past we have been subject to attacks from well know hacking groups, this is why we do not store any payment details on our web server.

We see high end websites like World Banks & Multi Billion pound companies being hacked so what we are saying is that we don’t think we are invincible – don’t let other hosting companies make you believe they are – this is our honest side – we do still maintain that we try our absolute best though.

Just Ask

If you are unsure of any part of our services or pricing just get in touch with us.

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